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A dynamic team 

Our triathlon group training is designed for athletes of all levels who are passionate about triathlon and want to enhance their performace in a supportive and motivating environment. Our certified coaches are experienced triathletes providing structured workouts to support you throughout your journey. The camaraderie and support within the group will keep you accountable and motivated.


Lead by professionals

Our 1-1 coaching is a private coaching session designed to help athletes of all levels to reach their triathlon goals. It allows for personalized attention and focused training. Our coaches will analyze your technique, provide immediate feedback and offer specific drills and exercises to improve your swimming, cycling, and running form.

Online Program

Bespoke Program

Our bespoke Triathlon Online Training Program offers a customized and flexible approach to triathlon training, allowing athletes of all levels to achieve their triathlon goals from the convenience of their own location. Tailored specifically to your individual needs, abilities, and schedule, this program combines the expertise of our experienced coaches with the convenience and accessibility of online training.

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