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UNUSUAL GEL 45CHO RATIO 1:1 OFF CAF is a liquid gel with 45g of carbohydrates with RATIO 1:1, with 200mg of sodium and without caffeine.


UNUSUAL GEL 45CHO RATIO 1:1 is an energy gel with 45g of carbohydrates with RATIO 1:1.


UNUSUAL GEL 45CHO incorporates a formulation focused on the 1:1 RATIO, equalising the workload of SGLT1, SGLT2 and GLUT 5, the two intestinal gateways to the blood. With this we achieve maximum efficiency in the absorption and metabolisation of carbohydrates, making it ideal for nutritional strategies of 90 or more grams of carbohydrates per hour.


Remember that the SANTA MADRE development team has been working on the RATIO 1:1 for some time now, obtaining incredible results, the brand was a pioneer in its line in 2022. 


This gel comes with the need to incorporate a RATIO 1:1 to the UNUSUAL line, complementing the 60g GELUNUSUAL GEL.


The UNUSUAL GEL 45CHO is a perfect tool for efforts where the difficulty of ingesting food is difficult, it is a very liquid gel with an intermediate size and easy to take. It is an exceptional gel for running and trail running races and high intensity events.


UNUSUAL GEL 45CHO contains 200mg of sodium per gel, which makes it perfect for avoiding additional consumption of mineral salts (depending on strategy).


The UNUSUAL GEL 45CHO gel makes our UNUSUAL family grow. This line within the brand is designed for long distance efforts and demanding nutritional strategies, it is characterised by the way its carbohydrates work, giving the athlete great digestive and energetic capacities, being able to provide the body with tools to be able to absorb large amounts of carbohydrate per hour.

Santa Madre Unusual Gel 45CHO OFF CAL

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