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SANTA MADRE PURE AMYLOPECTIN is a powerful gluten-free carbohydrate extracted 100% from waxy corn starch, rapid digestion and assimilation, ideal to take during or out of effort.


PURE AMYLOPECTIN is an ideal source of carbohydrates that is characterized by its high molecular weight, translating into a high digestive speed, avoiding digestive problems.


Amylopectin can be taken from different sources, such as potatoes, rice or corn, being a derivative of the latter the best source ever seen. Depending on the source of amylopectin we will find one purity or another. PURE AMYLOPECTIN uses amylopectin extracted from waxy corn starch is the best of them, with a purity of 99% amylopectin, thus being the most digestive and efficient.

SANTA MADRE PURE AMYLOPECTIN has been made 100% with waxy corn starch, which gives the athlete an excellent source of easily digestible carbohydrates, ideal for carbohydrate loads prior to the effort, to take during the effort or even to take after the effort.


How to use:

Dilute 50g in 500ml and take before, during or after physical activity.

INGREDIENTS: Waxy Corn Starch.

*Berries Flavor: Waxy corn starch, citric acid, aromas, black carrot concentrate, sucralose.

Santa Madre - Pure Amylopectine Sabor 1000g

  • Energetic Value

    1516 kJ, 357 kcal / 

    758 kJ, 178 kcal

    Fats - of wich satured

    0 g / 0 g
    0 g / 0 g

    Carbohydrates- of wich sugars

    88 g / 0 g
    44 g / 0 g


    0 g / 0 g



    0,18 g / 0,09 g

    72 mg / 36 mg

    • Waxy maize starch
    • * Forest fruits flavour only (citric acid, flavourings, black carrot concentrate, sucralose).
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