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JELLY BAR RATIO 1:0.5 is a delicious energy gummy to take during physical activity. Thanks to its new formulation, it will provide 37g of carbohydrates with an absorption ratio of 1:0.5. It contains 100 mg of caffeine , approximately equivalent to one and a half cups of coffee.


It is an energy bar in gummy format, designed with a ratio of 1:0.5 in relation to the intestinal gates SGLT1, SGLT2 and GLUT 5, minimizing digestive problems as much as possible and being ideal for nutritional strategies of up to 100 g. of carbohydrates per hour.


Thanks to its new formula, we obtain a unique texture and flavor, based on the best-selling flavors in traditional children's gummies (cola, strawberry, melon and orange).

*Santa Madre Gummy Bar 100 CAF - Lollypop

  • Physical Activity              2 During Exercise

    Weight                                 45g

    Caffeine                              With caffeine

    Taste                                     lollipop

    Calories                              151 Kal / Unit

    Gluten                                 Gluten free

    Lactose                               Without lactose

    Palm Oil                              Palm Oil Free

    Vegan                                  100%

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