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Racing Spec 4.2 is the ultimate all-rounder ideal for all racing conditions.  It is built for racing, but yet durable enough to be used daily.  The 45 mm depth rim provides a well-balanced carbon wheel upon all essential elements between aerodynamic efficiency, lightweight, acceleration, and durability.

Since 2018, all Racing Spec wheels have introduced with the new carbon Diamond Polishing TreatmentTM on the braking surface, which provides supreme braking performance in both wet and dry conditions.

  • It has inherited the rolling smoothness from its previous generation predecessor.
  • Overall stiffness of the wheel has increased by 15% while the net rim weight reduced by 8%.
  • Improved stability in aggressive cornering, overall handling, and comfort with the new 25 mm wide carbon rim design.

TORZC Racing Spec 4.2 (RIM)


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