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30CHO OFF CAF, is a refreshing low-density energy gel manufactured under liquid technology, without stimulants, which will give you quick and sustained energy during effort.


It has 30g of carbohydrates per gel carefully formulated taking into account the body's transporters, thus avoiding digestive failures and being perfect even for strategies with a high amount of carbohydrates per hour. The 30g of carbohydrates are supplemented with micronutrients that are involved in energy metabolism to make it more efficient.


30CHO OFF CAF is ideal for all types of climates, but especially the hottest ones, since thanks to its “Refresh” technology, it will leave a refreshing sensation on the palate, helping the body in its thermoregulation to maintain performance.

*Santa Madre - Energy Gel - 30CHO OFF CAF

  • Weight                                  55g

    Size                                        50ml

    Caffeine                               Without caffeine

    Taste                                     Neutral/Orange/Lemon/Strawberry

    Calories                               121 Kal / Unit

    Gluten                                  Gluten free

    Lactose                                Without lactose

    Palm Oil                               Palm Oil Free

    Vegan                                   100%

    Technology                        Refreshing System

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