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UNUSUAL GEL 60CHO OFF CAF, is an innovative low-density gel manufactured under liquid technology, with a high energy charge, unique in the market, free of stimulants to take during exercise.

UNUSUAL GEL is the result of numerous studies, possibly the energy gel with the highest contribution of carbohydrates on the syrup-free market, formulated only with a careful selection of raw materials in order to guarantee an energy contribution of close to 80 minutes.

UNUSUAL GEL is a stimulant-free energy gel, ideal to take during exertion lasting more than 3 hours. Since it has 60g of carbohydrates that combines 3 ingredients (maltodextrin, isomaltulose and fructose) in order to ensure a lasting energy supply.

UNUSUAL GEL, on the other hand, has been designed with its "Refresh" technology in order to help the body in its thermoregulation, leaving a refreshing sensation on the palate.

Santa Madre Energy Gel 60CHO Off Caf (Neutral Lemon) - 70ml

  • Physical Activity               2 During Exercise

    Weight                                  100g

    Size                                        70ml

    Caffeine                               Without caffeine

    Taste                                     Neutral-Lemon

    Calories                               241 Kal / Unit

    Gluten                                  Gluten free

    Lactose                                Without lactose

    Palm Oil                               Palm Oil Free

    Vegan                                   100%

    Technology                        Refreshing System

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