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SANTA MADRE NITROUS (600mg Nitrate) is designed taking into account the latest scientific innovations, based on a triple action intended for all types of sports, both shorter and long-lasting. On the one hand we achieve a great vasodilation, increasing blood flow, on the other hand a buffer load that will neutralize part of the lactic acid of the athlete and finally a pre-hydration thanks to its composition and its high sodium content.

SANTA MADRE NITROUS (600mg Nitrate) consists of 3 actions:

- Its main action, the vasodilator, is formed thanks to its 600mg of nitrate per dose, which together with the full dose (3 doses) make a total of a load of 1800mg of nitrate in 3 days. Nitrate acts as a precursor to arginine, converting it into nitric oxide in the body, achieving its vasodilatory action.

- The buffer action, capable of neutralizing part of the lactic acid is predefined by the basic ph that gives us the bicarbonate load, reaching 21g per dose. This will allow us to maintain the effort longer in very high intensity efforts.

- And finally highlight the pre-moisturizing action, thanks to its high sodium content, will favor the absorption of liquid, achieving a high rate of hydration, a key factor to start the competition.

How to use:

Each dose consists of 3 doses, one for each day, which will have to be diluted each dose (20g) in 400ml of water. The intake will be as follows:

- 2 days before the test: ingest the 400ml throughout the day.

- Day before the test: ingest the 400ml throughout the day.

- Test day: ingest the 400ml up to 1-2 hours before the test.

*Santa Madre - Nitrate Cola Box Set x 6 packs - 20g

  • BY PORTION (20g)



    Sodium Bicarbonate


    • Sodium Bicarbonate
    • Amaranthus Hypochondriacus (9% nitrate) 
    • Maltodextrin
    • Aromas
    • Acidifier: Citric Acid
    • Sweetener: sucralose
    • Anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide
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